Newsletter – October 2017


Recreation Room

In our Building 2 on the ground floor next to the covered park is our Recreations Room. It has a table tennis table. In the past, this room has been used as a sewing classroom. More often it has served to accommodate gadgets not used regularly. We have found a few table tennis enthusiasts who have shown interest to make use of the facilities there. We have a place in our Gurdwara to socialize in.


Guru Har Rai ji (Jyoti Jot day 20 October 1661) was a man    of peace. He never disbanded the armed Sikh Warriors (Saint Soldiers), who earlier were maintained by his grandfather, Guru Hargobind. He always boosted the military spirit  of the Sikhs, but he never himself indulged    in any direct political and armed controversy with the contemporary Mughal Empire. Guru Har Rai kept the stately style Guru Hargobind had introduced.

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