Newsletter – June 2017


Brent Sikh Centre 

Guru Har Gobind ji became Guru on 10 June 1606 following in the footsteps of his father Guru Arjan Dev ji. During the Guruship ceremony he wore two swords, the one on his right side represented Piree (spiritual living) and that on his left stood for Miree (temporal power).

BSC Punjabi classes are currently in the last term of the year. Some children are doing their Punjabi GCSE exams. We all wish them Good Luck. Lower classes children will also have their end of year Punjabi exams. These have been organised by their respective class teachers. We hope that parents and teachers take this activity seriously and come prepared, we would like all children to move to the next classes. Children are also learning Guru sakhis and Path during their Assembly. Parents are requested to help them at home in reciting their Path.
Alongside Punjabi classes, children also have the opportunity to engage in other activities such as Hemkunt Competition. Next year’s Hemkunt competition Internationals will be held in UK.

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